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Keeping Time (Picture it & write #4)

Another Picture it and write inspired by blessed ermilia 🙂 and my first writing in a while! Here it goes:



I played that song so, so many times.

Played rhythms, sang rhymes,

Worked so hard for a dime.

I would pound on the keys and play it all out,

Play for a dime from men sitting about.

And I never did worry,

Never did complain,

I never considered the constant sucking drain,

I never once thought of the restlessness about,

The lurking black hand that would practically shout

In my ear,

Shout words of truth,

Each tiny tick brought

A tightening noose.

A killer on the loose,

An ultimatum coming soon.

And now its too late.

Far, far too late.

The keys are all broken and chipped,

Yellowed and crooked with age like me.

The song stayed the same,

But now there’s a different melody.

What took small time fame and brought blood stained misery?

Time took it all away from me…

Through all the ages, a song changes not.

But keeping time is a skill often forgot.

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