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Soot and Man

Slipping the rope around Our neck.

Broken bonds and unpaid checks.

Ripped up, burning in fire places,

Filling high up spaces with darkened traces

Of swirling smoke from chimney.

Soot and ash float down upon me.

I brush my shoulders clean,

Keep to my search for a land forever green.

Some land beyond black soot,

Beyond my wildest dreams.

A sliver of a plain, a peace-filled stain

Upon a blackened world of soot and man.

Our world where we feed Our fires as fast as we can

And disregard the forming plan

Of Apocalypse and coming doom.

Digging mass graves that will forever loom

Upon Our charring landscape,

Hungrily gaping,

Waiting and waiting,

For the day we throw Our selves from the cliff,

And into the mouth of Our burnt out pit,

Formed of Our actions that we deemed fit.

Destroying those delicate seas of green.

Planting seeds of War upon uprooted Peace.

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