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Falling Into Love

My heart dances,
My body flies
My wings spread wide,
I glide
Over obstacle and misfortune
The horizon is in view.
Over the walls of insecurity
Past the white-tipped cliffs of misery
Away from a land of suffering
Into your arms, into your heart,
Into a forgiving brand new start.
I am gliding,
I am falling
Into love.
You are everything I dreamt of
In my shadowed state.
You tore prison bars away,
Shredded shackles, turned fear,
Burst into my fate
And you opened my eyes,
Opened my wings,
And took me in flight
To heaven above.
Now we are falling
Into love.

Love’s Fool (Picture it & write #15)

Oh what a fool I am.
Stupidity left unmatched
What a fool I was
To walk the land of love
And think I might escape
Empty nights
And dreamless terror
Surround me now
In my frigid
Shallow breaths
And goodbyes never said
Cast shadows of wrinkles
Across my mourning face
My daylight collapsed
And twilight did too
Now the night and I
Rest alone in our world
Of perpetual dark.
Scars mark my eyes
Where goodbyes never said
Replay in my head.
Oh what a fool I am.

The Incurable Ail

Oh madam,
You are stricken by a terrible thing.
A malaise of which the mournful sing.
A frightful, aching, potent disease.
An infirmity that brings mankind to its knees.
A injustice of a sort that few of us know.
The curse of which sirens and witches crow.
The crown of thorns atop a bloodied brow.
An illness no man can deny or allow.
But I know the incurable ail that’s afflicting you.
It is your beauty,
And it afflicts me too.

All I Need

When we first met
A chance of a glance
From you
Was all I needed.

When you hugged me first
It tempted some thirst…
But how my heart beated
Was all I needed.

When you got in my car
Monday, every week.
All I needed was a kiss on the cheek.
At first, at least.

And when you brought me inside,
And kissed my lips,
Urged my hands to your hips,
And whispered you wanted to be mine.

I smiled,


That was all I needed.


Uh oh… A love poem is coming on…

To my love,

If there were words to describe
How I feel about you
I would probably use them.
If I could write about
What you mean to me
Then I would.
But, alas, that thing
I call a dictionary
Has failed me again.
My mind draws a blank
When it comes
To my feelings for you.

I cannot describe
To any extent
The love I have for you.
My attempts are futile,
My babblings trivial,
My descriptions vague
and vain besides.

The warmth I feel,
Love so unreal
Is best known as breath-taking.
Such a thing should not exist,
Yet it persists.

I know it has not been many years
That I have known you.
Rather, Time itself has stood still since the moment
Fate had us met.
In any way, through countless days
That I might dream might lie ahead,
I hope that I might put aside the
Block in my mind
To let you know
How out of control
My feelings are,
For you,
And might become yet.

To A Beautiful Girl

Something lovey dovey:

You are beautiful.

You strike me with wonder, deluge my senses.

You take my words away.

Leave me with nothing to say short of

You are beautiful.

If I could I would not go a day without you,

Your hand brushing tears away.

My fears, my insecurities, inequities.

My stinging, broad impurities.

You knock them aside,

Leave nothing but you and I.

Us together in a place without season

You are beautiful.

You bless my eyes, a moment I want never to die,

Looking at you, I feel alive.

Your shine gives light to my life,

Impelling continuance.

Making life something possible.

Something wantable.

Something wonderful.

You are beautiful.

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