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Final Testament of Richard Hendrickson

It is 2 a.m. These printed words are the final testaments of my life. I walk down the street, and my feet have made up their mind. One block away is the catalyst of my masterpiece. The sidewalk will be my canvas.

For the past two years I have searched for the answer. The cure. The piece I never had. My parents, Mark and Anne, never inquired. They never saw past the grade card, past the sleeves of my jacket. There is no answer. Some of us are just meant to die, and history will not remember us.

But perhaps my masterpiece will be remembered, at least by some. Continue reading

Chapter Five- the Monster in the Mirror

Leaving a district was not a task to be taken lightly. It was a very rare situation a person even left their block. No one knew much about the other districts, except members of the Meeting, who weren’t exactly accessable. The towering walls shielded all of our view of the neighboring districts, save the peaks of the titanic buidlings of D4, the very center of Eden. As far as the assorted functions of the Districts, the Institution taught nothing of them. We did not communicate, function with, or encounter eachother. Ever.
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