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The Mountain Man

They call him the Mountain Man.

That’s about all anyone knows about Him.

He fights for the weak. The injured and broken. He stands up for all the scum the Guard would rather just step on, eradicate. He punishes the wicked, He inspires empty hearts. He changes a landscape that is as still as a mountain. Continue reading

The Great War

It was November 12, 2077.

I still remember that sky. So blue, clear. There was a sheet of clouds shielding my view of the earth below. My last view of that earth. It was so green before. So clean and colorful, alive.

It was nearing noon. I remember looking at that sky, so casually. I took it for granted. I looked around myself, examining that sky, very briefly. Carelessly. I glanced at my radar, casually again. Three dots had suddenly appeared.

They were honing in on me. Fast.

A red light popped up on my cockpit dashboard.

MISSILE LOCKED Continue reading

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