Woman in Blue

Oh woman in blue
Alone the meadow,
Why do you stand that way?
Head cocked,
Eyes locked
On something unknown
Hovering at the horizon.

Tears fall
From your eyes
And I’m chilled by the sight.
You don’t move,
You don’t blink,
But I think that you think.
I’m not sure if you know
That I am here,
Just watching.
I would offer a hand,
A word,
A thought or a prayer
To you
But even if I could,
I don’t think that you would
Accept what humble help I can give.

Garments of blue
Twisted by morning light
Are lovely and bright
Unlike you.
You are mournful,
And ever focused,
Breathlessly hopeless
Yet hopeful that what might lie
Past your horizon
Might put a spark in your eye.

I hope that one day, that might come true,
Yet selfishly, I know too,
That your suffering will remain,
And your beautiful frame
Will refrain from leaving my view.
You are mine forever, oh woman in blue.


About theonlyjoe

I am Joe. This is a collection of my ramblings, poems, stories, afflictions, victories, and the picture of my mind. Make yourselves at home. View all posts by theonlyjoe

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