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Train of Thought #2

Caution: wet floor.
The sign says that, says to be cautious of a wet floor.
It does not say why to be cautious though.
I guess why is one of those things you just learn from experience.
Like why not to touch the toaster when its on.
I did that once.
I was little.
My mom said not to touch it.
So I did.
Burnt the crap out of my fingers.
Curiousity killed the cat I suppose.
I don’t like cats very much.
They never sit on command, and they aren’t very fun.
Too moody, Meh
I’m tired.
Tired of working mornings.
I’m tired of 30 minute breaks and 8 hour shifts.
I’m tired of… The repetitive motions of my life I guess.
It’s alright though.
Could be a lot worse
Or better.
I don’t know.
My eyes feel heavy, and my mind drifts to poetry.
I want to write something, but I don’t know what.
It’s a maddening feeling.
I could continue my story, but I don’t really want to.
Have to clock in soon. Ugh.
Wow. I just noticed something.
The floor tiles are all squares, save ONE ROW. One row is divided asymmetrically, by a random black line.. its weird.
This is thouroughly disinteresting.
If anyone reads this, please comment on how totally lame it is.
My thoughts are very lame today.
So I’ll stop.


I’ve kept count of all the days
We’ve been apart.
My broken heart
Forces more shed tears,
As months and years,
Just disappear.

It gets hard
Pressing on.
Moving on
Isn’t all its cut out to be.
Finding something to replace misery
Is not really all that easy.

I think of you most every day.
Unhappy thoughts are cast my way.
Miserable is just how I stay…
Counting minutes and hours away…

Wish I could call you on the phone.
Wish I was not here all alone.
Wish I could repent, of time poorly spent
But all my time is bent.
Doesn’t matter… Anyways…
I’ll keep counting away the days…
Wishing.. for you.. to come back home… Again.

Falling Into Love

My heart dances,
My body flies
My wings spread wide,
I glide
Over obstacle and misfortune
The horizon is in view.
Over the walls of insecurity
Past the white-tipped cliffs of misery
Away from a land of suffering
Into your arms, into your heart,
Into a forgiving brand new start.
I am gliding,
I am falling
Into love.
You are everything I dreamt of
In my shadowed state.
You tore prison bars away,
Shredded shackles, turned fear,
Burst into my fate
And you opened my eyes,
Opened my wings,
And took me in flight
To heaven above.
Now we are falling
Into love.

Immeasurable Grace (Picture it & write 16)

My opponent and I
Stand face to face
Under an empty sky

Her hands at her side,
Across the field
She seems to glide

My hands are shaking
My knees knock… knock.
Our eyes lock.

A blink and she’s here.
So fast I can not breath, I do not run
The end that forever I have dread is near.

She blinks and exhales,
I feel her warmth,
My defiance fails.

I cannot speak,
I cannot cry,
I am too weak,
I can’t deny
The itching
Of my heart.

I can’t restart
I can not let go
But that she already knows.

I release my fate
Release my fists
I stare into Hell’s gate

I gaze into her face.

And we embrace.

Forgiveness is the impossible.
It is the only way.
There is nothing to say.

Tears stream down
My miserable cheeks
I am empty and weak

Each day and week,
The months that speak
Countless volumes of immeasurable decay
That has amounted every day
Without her here,

Guilt and pain wash over me
I whisper
I’m sorry.

She does not speak
She has her prey
And she touches its cheek.

The chains that have bound me
Are tighter yet
What I deserve I am bound to get.

Yet somehow…
That beautiful face
Conceals words of immeasurable grace.

I hear her say

It’s okay.

My shackles clink
Upon the floor.
We speak no more.

Woman in Blue

Oh woman in blue
Alone the meadow,
Why do you stand that way?
Head cocked,
Eyes locked
On something unknown
Hovering at the horizon.

Tears fall
From your eyes
And I’m chilled by the sight.
You don’t move,
You don’t blink,
But I think that you think.
I’m not sure if you know
That I am here,
Just watching.
I would offer a hand,
A word,
A thought or a prayer
To you
But even if I could,
I don’t think that you would
Accept what humble help I can give.

Garments of blue
Twisted by morning light
Are lovely and bright
Unlike you.
You are mournful,
And ever focused,
Breathlessly hopeless
Yet hopeful that what might lie
Past your horizon
Might put a spark in your eye.

I hope that one day, that might come true,
Yet selfishly, I know too,
That your suffering will remain,
And your beautiful frame
Will refrain from leaving my view.
You are mine forever, oh woman in blue.


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