Signed With Contempt

Dear Joe,

I wish you dead

I want your head

You trouble me greatly

Day to day.

You amplify my issues

You will my happiness

To drift away.

You are a burden,

You are an issue,

An unforgettable

Worthless and inexcusable

Waste of my time and thought,

and I wish you would not

Haunt me this way,

From day to day,

As I sleep at night,

Or lie wide awake

Deep in entrancing awareness

Of your inescapable presence.

You are a curse

And a gift from hell

And here’s what I’ll tell you

To your face,

You are a disgrace

To me

And everything I could be.

With Contempt,

Your heart

About theonlyjoe

I am Joe. This is a collection of my ramblings, poems, stories, afflictions, victories, and the picture of my mind. Make yourselves at home. View all posts by theonlyjoe

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