Those Who Write On the Line (Picture it and write #13)

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War is printed in black and white
On a sheet before us now.
War is before us, upon our desk,
All we must do is bow
Forward and list our name,
Stating our favor to play such a game
As war.
War is such a short little word.
A single syllable, three little letters.
War is twelve point Times New Roman
War is centered, bolded font.
War is written as a short essay,
An essay exclaiming a simple question:
Yes or no?
Do or don’t?
Whether we will or won’t
depends on a few short names
Signed on a line.
And many lines
Fill with names
Of supporters of the game
As many lines
Are formed to play.
War is simple.
A yes or no question,
A one point exam
Surrounding millions of lives.
War is a paper
That leaders sign.
War is easy
For those who write on the line.

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