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A Song From My Heart

A song from my heart

For you

For all of you

For you readers

And listeners



Critics and skeptics



A song from my heart

for those of you who put faith

In magic

And science

And the paths less followed

A song of hope

Of another tomorrow

With new discoveries and advances

With songs and dances

Expressing joy in

The world we were given.

A song goes out from my heart

To you.

So have courage

To do what you cannot,

And to show

What you’ve got.

In the Box

It is quiet in here,
In my cell.
I can tell
Its dark out there too.
Muffled voices are silent,
Whispers are none.
Joy and sorrow
Gone with the setting sun.

Now none lay awake but I.
I do not sleep
And I do not wake.
Unnoticed are the breaths I take
And if they cease no hearts will break.
The world locks up monsters such as I
We do not even gather dust.
We do not chip or rust.
Age’s curse hardly befalls us.

We live in our boxes
Night and day.
We whisper prayers
And wish loneliness away.
And this we pray:

Oh Maker above,
Set me free.
Through trials of darkness
And misery
I have held steady and true.
Patiently waiting for you.
Maker, let someone come and break my locks.

Let someone open this Jack in the Box.

Spires of Blue

What do I have to gain
Or lose?
Nothing tangible.
No money.
Perhaps time.
I want to be heard I guess
I want
My words
To be absorbed by herds
Of hungry readers.
Kings and bottom feeders
Are welcome.
I write to you all
On the internet
To be heard.
Even just a word.
I sometimes wonder if anyone sees this at all.
I know the writing is real
according to my depiction.
A small number of subscriptions
Add proof too.
But I don’t know
What I am going to do.
Nothing I try seems to get through
To the god of popularity
That laughs at my simple request,
The very purpose of life beating in my chest:
I desire
Tall spires
Of beautiful blue
To decorate my views

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