Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Now That You’re Gone

I’m sorry.
I guess I was wrong
All along,

Not that it matters now anyways.
But you would want to hear it
So I said it.

I’ve thought about it for days.

Now that you’re gone
We don’t talk on the phone.
I don’t tell you you’re wrong
And you don’t slam the door.

Now that you’re gone
You don’t care anymore.
You don’t stare at me angrily
Glaring into the shallow depths
Of my eyes.

You don’t kick me in the shins.
Or get mad when I win
Call of Duty matches.
And you don’t ever give in
And cave into my arms.

You don’t tell me how you really feel.
Or felt.
You can’t.

Now that you’re gone
I know I was wrong
To hurt you so bad.
To deliberately
Make you mad and
Push you one step too far.

Now that you’re gone,
I am wrong.
Part of me is gone
And I am sorry.
I guess I was an idiot.
Until it was too late.

Now you’re gone
And you’ll never finish that list.

Because now that you’re gone
You’ll never know what I missed.

The Incurable Ail

Oh madam,
You are stricken by a terrible thing.
A malaise of which the mournful sing.
A frightful, aching, potent disease.
An infirmity that brings mankind to its knees.
A injustice of a sort that few of us know.
The curse of which sirens and witches crow.
The crown of thorns atop a bloodied brow.
An illness no man can deny or allow.
But I know the incurable ail that’s afflicting you.
It is your beauty,
And it afflicts me too.

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