Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

A Broken Vase

A swept away lie
You and I
An aging face
A broken vase
There is no glue
For me and you
No way to guise,
No ceramic reprise.
We can sweep it away
Away from here
We can make
Our mistake
But the simple truth
No photobooth
Or letters of
Or love serum
Can erase
The vase
Forever smashed
On the floor

I Heard It Said

I heard it said
That quitters quit
and batters hit
And everyone spits

I heard it said
That hatters hat
batters who bat
and make a living doing that

I heard it said
That poets rhyme
Some of the time
And that’s no offence

I heard it said
That fencers fence
And fencers fight
And wars are fought
In day or night
and knights fight wars
For kings or lords
Whose rights to fight
Are often ignored.

I heard it said
That bakers bake bread
And mothers bread chicken
And chickens lose heads
to feed children at dinner
Who might grow up to be:

A quitter,
A spitter,
A batter,
A hatter,
A poet or king,
A lord or a baker
a knight,
A mother,
(perhaps a knightly mother)
A fencer,
Or a fighter,

But they will likely not be
Any form of poultry.

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