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The Fat lady Will Never Sing, This I Believe (Draft #1)

Before this begins, I’ll give some background. In Writer’s Workshop, we are currently¬†working on an essay called “This I Believe”. In the essay we highlight something we believe in, typically surrounding the concept of some virtue. So, here’s my first draft of mine!

Sometimes, as a human, I get pretty wrapped up with the way I “feel”. I hurt, I laugh, I get chafed, I spend hour after hour attempting to express all of the¬†afflicting conditions that are dissolved in the greyish solution that is my being. I think that a lot of my fellow humans share that same fate as well. We are fairly complicated, fairly melodramatic, sentient beings. And we all hurt, and we all laugh, and we all want someone to know. And we fight and bicker and cause issues. Ultimately, we exist. Some of us last longer than others. Some of us quit pretty early on. Some persist for years and years. In the end, we all die. But even beyond death, people live on in others, through others, as a part of the infinite tapestry that is wound throughout time.

Eventually it will all end though, right? Continue reading

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