Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Joy Is

Joy is delicate
It blossoms without warning
It blooms without devotion
And vanishes without prompt

Joy is a treasure
A rarity,
Touching the surface
Of a blighted world.

Joy is a privilege
A burden

Joy is desirable

Joy is cruel

Joy is unfindable
A thirst unquellable
An emptiness unfillable
No matter how sought

Joy is a reality
A misjust fantasy
That sometimes blesses me
With a backwater glance

Joy dances and sings
On a Saturday morning
Through parties and mourning
Joy persists

Joy kisses the lips
Of us all,
If not just to taunt us,
Torturing our fragile grip
Around a world slipping away.

Joy infects us all,
But like a drug,
It depletes.
And without it

We are without hope.

We are only
The broken addicts
Of joy
Left in unrelenting withdrawal
On a world where
Does not readily exist.

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