The Greatest Among Us

The forsaken one dwells
In the shadow of man.
Tongue twisted and mute.
Rasping breaths rattle endlessly.
His inescapable presence
Could nearly deafen us all,
Overwhelm our personal senses
Of right and wrong
And force us to bend down
And spare him a word.
A touch of the hand.
A comfort,
A friend.

But our ears are plugged tight
By ignorance and personal gain,
And I, beside you,
Will step over this frail and
Broken man,
We will show him our backs,
And our boots.
Never our faces.

As we trudge along our path
Of harrowing gain and abuse,
High and mighty above him,
The unfortunate one,
He laughs to himself,
Because he is better off
Without us.

About theonlyjoe

I am Joe. This is a collection of my ramblings, poems, stories, afflictions, victories, and the picture of my mind. Make yourselves at home. View all posts by theonlyjoe

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