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…and Brain on the Drums

There’s always a rhythm

Pounding in my head.

My unending production

Of a beat left unsaid.

The clatter of hi-hat

Snare ringing, pedal snapping,

Drum fill, then rhythm relapsing.

Never collapsing.

Mixed meter, swung eighths, even four,

Jazz groove, slow blues, samba,

Double pedal, heavy metal,

Left handed crash cymbal.

Roll on snare. King Kong conclusion.

Curtains fall,

Then curtains rise.

An encore is commencing.

Wandering Snowy Streets (Picture it & write #11)

Hey all, I missed a week but I’m back on track with PICTURE IT & WRITE!

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Picture perfect
Black and white
Snow-capped landscape.
Crisp northern air
pushed by southward winds.
Grips my nose, numb my chin.
Dulls the shining blade
Of consciousness.
Of thought, of feeling,
Cold remains.
I would scurry home
Through the frost-laden trap,
To warmth and freedom
From icy captivity.
But city streets are covered in white,
The sky shall be my shelter tonight.

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