Daily Archives: November 27, 2011

Sunshine Girl

We used to walk for hours on end.

Never going anywhere.

Wish I could be back there again.

We used to talk about


I used to listen to you sing…

But “I used to” doesn’t bring much joy.

My Sunshine Girl.

Where did you go.

My Sunshine Girl,

You lit up my world.

But now you’re gone,

Guess I was wrong,

The sun will always set…

But I haven’t forgotten that sunshine yet.

Now I lay awake all night….

Just waiting for the coming morning.

Whatever cold it offers up,

I’ll take it,

It’s all I’ve got.

Because I know I’ll never hear you sing again.

My Sunshine Girl!

Where did you go!

You left me here!

I’m all alone!

Upon a shore of

memories of long before

the morning came,

and shadows were long,

But once again,

you’ve come and gone.

Guess I was wrong….

The sun will always just move on.

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