Surgeon’s Tent

“No no… oh no no… No, that’s my leg, my leg, please no no no! No I need that! No! Oh shit! Oh, shit! Shit shit shit!”


Sawing through flesh

“No it’s my leg, God no, stop! Stop!! Stop it, shit! My blood, that’s my blood, stop! Please!! Oh God it hurts don’t cut any more please!! None more!!!! No more!!!! It hurts, it hurts it hurts! Please stop… my bone! Damn it, my bone! Oh God! Shit! Stop, oh God, help me God!”

God remains silent.

The bone snaps.

Damn you!! Damn you for this! Stop, let me go it hurts please stop!! Please!!!! Oh please please…”


And it’s over. I break my silence.

“Bring in the next one.”

Sorry about all the writing, it seems I’m just in the writing mood!

About theonlyjoe

I am Joe. This is a collection of my ramblings, poems, stories, afflictions, victories, and the picture of my mind. Make yourselves at home. View all posts by theonlyjoe

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