She will not let go.

She grabs at my throat

Claws at my eyes,

Her intentions are blood.

She will not leave me alone.

She tortures me.

She hates me. Surely. Purely.

For I have committed an unforgivable crime.

She wails, long and loud.

An eternity long.

Piercing, tortured.


A wail my ears will never escape.

Tears run down my trembling face.

“Leave me! Please! Let me sleep!!”

I cry, I barely whisper.

“You’re hurting me! please! Let me be!!

What choice did I have?? You’re hurting me!!

What choice did I have!!!”

What choice did I have… Orders are Orders…

Orders are Orders…

A man must follow his Orders.

Even through the valley of death,

And places far darker…

I plead with Him.

“Make her leave.

Make her leave!

Its not my fault, send her away!

Save me!


He says nothing. He laughs! He knows it, my sin.

This grave of a life I begged for before.

And I receive the thing I had begged for.

Her skin, like a broken leather bag.

Brown, cracked, lifeless.

Her eyes painted black.

A doll’s hair, black and dead, shoots from her head.

Her fingers, cold and hard run over my flesh,

She seeks vengeance.

Seeks my blood, seeks my death.

I scream.

I cower away.

A monster hiding from a little girl.

I beg for forgiveness.

And I will beg for eternity.

Nothing I could ever say would matter to her.

She will never forget.

Who could forget their husband’s killer.

The doctors rush in,

I am still Thrashing,

Thrashing with a woman who wants me dead.

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I am Joe. This is a collection of my ramblings, poems, stories, afflictions, victories, and the picture of my mind. Make yourselves at home. View all posts by theonlyjoe

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