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Anthem of a New World

To our anthem we march, we follow the beat

Rhythm in lines, feet fall on the street.

We rise up we go down, together as one.

All as one, raise the gun, we don’t buy your deceit.

I is we, they are me, that is all we believe,

Believe the worlds order depends on the street.

Even rows, even columns, equal movement of feet

Unity and passion in time touching concrete. Continue reading

Chapter Eight- A Second Opinion

The skirmish outside was brief. There was distant yelling. A heavy pounding began above my head. It rattled the supplies on the desk and shook clouds of dust from the walls. Other shots crackled, farther away and scattered, but they receded to nothing. It appeared the rebels had won another small victory.

Perhaps my observations of the rebels were wrong. They seemed to be┬átaking out more Guards than I had ever remembered. And winning fights. Perhaps I hadn’t even seen this “Rebellion” before. Was it in other districts too? It had most certainly spread to E3. So did Major Neil instruct me to go to F2┬ábecause it’s some sort of base?
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